Monday, July 11, 2011

Grandkid visit and her art

We went out of town after my last posting for a week and then brought a grandchild home with us. I've been busy with her. Shelley is 10 and has been here almost 3 weeks. Her parents and brother arrived on Saturday afternoon and they'll be here a week before they all ago home.

Shelley has been collaging and quilting  while she's been here. Here are pictures of some of her work.
Peace ATC
Nature ATC
Blank books ATC size
Dragonfly postcard
The dragonfly postcard was a "flopportunity" that turned into my favorite of all her art projects! I just love how her backgraound turned out.

Here's the quilt for her other grandmother that she just has the borders to sew on. I've cut it out and she's done all the sewing. She's a fantastic piecer and remember she's only 10!  It's come out to the exact size it's supposed to so far!
I have to go cut her borders now. Hope you've enjoyed seeing her work. Have a wonderful day.

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  1. what awesome art work. Shelley really did a lot of cool stuff on her visit. Lucky girl. Lucky Gram!