Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Block two of Garden Tea Party

Block two of the Garden Tea Party from Shabby Fabrics is done.  This block came two days after I finished block one.  I pieced it a couple of weeks ago at a BSC sew fun day. The appliqueing was done today while I Skyped with my friend Erica.

Such a relief that they give you plenty of fabric for the blocks.  I actually made a mistake in the cutting. Fortunately there was enough of the fabric I cut wrong left from block one to recut.  Whew!

I'm so happy I signed up for this BOM.  I really enjoy looking at the fabrics they choose.  The next block kit should arrive in a week and a half. While I'm waiting for it, I'll work on quilting the next quilt in line on my Longarm.   I also have a baby quilt I'm making.

Happy Stitching. Peace!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter Dress

Easter is when we Christians celebrate the most important day of the year.  Christ's death and resurrection is what gives us everlasting life.  He died for our sins! Hallelujah!!!  All we have to do is acknowledge our sins, ask Him into our hearts and live our lives following his teachings.

One of the traditions many people have for Easter is to get a new dress to wear to church Easter Sunday.  This year I made an Easter dress for my youngest granddaughter, Faith. Confession time; the reason I made this dress is I already had the pattern, fabric, and embellishments.  I bought them about fourteen years ago for my oldest granddaughter, Toria.  I just never got around to making the dress.  In my decluttering this year, I came across the pattern, etc.  I realized if I didn't make it this year, I wouldn't have enough fabric to make the size Faith would need.  She's my last granddaughter, so it was now or never!

I used a Simplicity Daisy Kingdom pattern.  I had purchased the fabric and embellishments just as they are shown in the pattern.  It wasn't hard to make, but took a considerable amount of time.  I had to be meticulous to have everything come out as it was supposed to.  The dress can be worn with or without the apron.

Faith looked beautiful in her dress as you can see in this photo her mother took of her and her sister Easter morning.  She and Angelica look wonderful together!