Friday, July 17, 2015


This month, our grandson, Ryan had his eighteenth birthday. Ryan's bedroom has been done in Americana since he was three. He has cross stitch, wooden knick knacks, small quilted flags, etc. He also has two quilts for his bed. The second was made when his family moved to Georgia from Florida. They didn't have enough blankets for Georgia weather.
The photos  I'm going to show today is the one his Gramps and I both made. Gramps decided to take a series of beginning quilt classes for something to do. We'd just built and moved into a new house. Two months later his company told us we'd be moving to Florida. It was going to be almost a year before the move was to take place. In each class they would make a block or two of a sampler quilt. Suddenly the move got moved forward several months. He had to get busy preparing for the move at work. Quilt classes fell to the wayside. 
Move forward a few years. We have our July born grandson getting his first "big boy" room. Americana seemed like the appropriate way to decorate it. They wanted a quilt for his twin bed. I hunted up the blocks my husband had made and used them as the beginning to design a quilt that would make a twin size. This is the finished product!


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