Monday, March 16, 2015

Bebe and Isabel

A couple of weeks ago, while out to lunch with friends, we stopped in the Quilt Shop of DeLand. They had an adorable doll clothes pattern, which I purchased. Our youngest granddaughter Faith, has a Bitty Baby, Bebe, and an American Girl doll, Isabel. The pattern had outfits for both size dolls. Sweet!

One of this year's goals is to use my fabric stash whenever possible. I looked through my stash to find fabrics for the doll clothes. The pattern takes several fabrics for each outfit. Faith likes pink and purple. I found a coordinating line of fabric with those colors to use.

Indygo Junction produced the pattern. It's called Dolly Dress-up. There were a couple of errors in the pattern pieces. Nothing major though, so easy adjustments. I couldn't find an errata page with corrections on their website. I suppose I should email them and let them know.

I made Bebe and Isabel each a jumper. Bebe's has bloomers and Isabel's has shorts to go with it. There's also a t-shirt pattern included. There wasn't a suitable knit in my stash, so I went to Bernina Sewing Centre and purchased a quarter yard of cream knit. That was enough for both shirts. It calls for Velcro for the back closures. I tried to use some old Velcro like stuff from my mom. The little squares were sewed on with my Bernina 750. They wouldn't stick together. I don't think it was real Velcro, but some poor imitation! I had to pick all those little stitches out of the knit fabric. Colored snaps that coordinated with their outfits did the job!

Faith was very happy with the new clothes for Bebe and Isabel!