Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Studio Day

Yesterday was spent with one of my quilting friends, Erica. We had a studio day at her house. We used to share a studio and we got so much accomplished. When we get together to work, each of us does our own thing. Erica was working on the borders of a quilt and I was starching, ironing and cutting out. While the starch was being absorbed by the fabric, I was binding another quilt.
One of the best parts of quilting or needlepointing together are the discussions we have. We have the most wonderful deep conversations about politics, race relations, religion, science, psychology, and sometimes even sewing. We don't always have the same view about things, but we agree to disagree. If one of us is wrong about something, we have no problem admitting our mistake and apologizing for it. We are also perfectly comfortable not talking at all. It is a wonderful thing to have a friendship that you can totally be yourself in.
I miss the shared studio where we could work together and converse five days a week!
Here's my stack of pinned fabrics ready to sew from yesterday's prep.

We had so much fun yesterday that we're going to have studio time again this afternoon...This time at my house.

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