Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dishes, Dishes

Yesterday's Kitchen Challenge from I Heart Planners was to tidy dishes, mugs and cups. That prompted me to pack away the 10 place settings and serving pieces of Pfaltzgraff stoneware for our granddaughter. It took two containers and a lot of scrap quilt batting, but I got it done!
Now it was time to do some cabinet and countertop  re-arranging. I moved the coffee pot across the kitchen. Next was to put all the coffee and tea paraphernalia in the cabinet where the stoneware used to be. The mugs were put on the same shelf. I re-arranged my baking pans and supplies above that. The appliances that are rarely used were put in the bottom cabinet.

Where the coffee and mugs were, now has the china from the buffet.

Our eclectic mix of stoneware also got some re-arranging.

Now for today's challenge: pots and pans!


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