Monday, December 22, 2014

Amber Hope and Lacey Love

I'm  missing my babies. They're being boarded while we celebrate Christmas with family. At least I know they love the people where they're boarded and they're together and well cared for. Doesn't make me miss them any less though.
Amber Hope is a three and a half year old Maltese/Toy Terrier. We got her from a rescue when she was nine months old. Her first name comes from her eye's which are Amber colored and her middle name from the fact she's ALWAYS hoping for food! Amber is pretty laid back, most of the time, unless she sees a squirrel. 
We ordered Lacey Love from Moss Creek Goldendoodles in February of 2013. Her father is Sammy, a moyan poodle and the mother is Mindy, a golden doodle. That makes her 1/4 golden retriever and  3/4 poodle. She was born the end of May and came home with us the end of July.
We wanted a small goldendoodle. Waiting through the conception, birth and then the nine weeks after, was like waiting for a new human baby. We saw pictures of the parents, on the breeder's website. They took pictures of the litter every week and emailed them to us. When the pups were old enough to be separated, they took individual pictures. Each pup had a different colored collar put on at birth. We got to make a first and second choice from the litter photos. We got our first choice, yellow collar girl. She is named Lacey Love.  Lacey because she is white, soft, feminine and I'm a heirloom sewist among other things. The Love is because she is so sweet and loving.
They are our very spoiled children!


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