Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cloud 9 module directions

In my previous post I said I'd explain how to put the Bernina embroidery module in the rack on the Cloud 9 cabinet.  I'll also post a picture.
When we take our module off our machine we move the arm all the way to the left. When you look at it in that position your thought is the left end is the one that should sit on the rack.  You need both the body and the arm to balance in the rack. That doesn't work because of the curve on that end.  I thought they'd sent me the wrong rack.   It turns out that if you turn it and put the other end down the arm slides all the way down and holds it in position. Didn't realize it would do that. The word Bernina is at the top.
Now my module is stored out of harms way on the end of my beautiful Cloud 9.