Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Sewing Studio Machine Cabinet

Two years ago this month I picked up my Bernina 750 sewing and embroidery machine at Bernina Sewing Centre.  It is an awesome machine to sew on.  I've really enjoyed using it.  I've spent most of the two years since purchasing my 750 trying to find the right cabinet.  The 750 is larger than my previous machines.  The cabinet they had at my local store was bigger than would fit my studio.  I finally found online the Model 8300 Quilter's Cloud 9  made by Fashion Cabinets of America.  I went to Bernina Sewing Centre and they ordered it for me.  I've had it for a couple of weeks now.  The cabinet shaped like a cloud, thus it's name, has a leaf to give you space for large quilts. It also has a place for my embroidery module, and is motorized so the machine can be stored away.  It's the perfect addition to my studio!
Just off to the left you can see just a little of the embroidery module.  In a future post I'll give directions and a picture of how it fits in rack.  There were no directions or pictures with the cabinet to show one how to place the module.

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