Thursday, December 18, 2014

Birthday Gift

On my birthday earlier this week two wonderful friends treated me to lunch. We had a pleasant time of fellowship and delicious food at Carmel Kitchen and Wine Bar. We'd never been to that restaurant before but definitely plan to return.

While we were there Erica and Elizabeth gave me a birthday present. It's a framed portrait of a "Quaker gentleman". I think it's wonderful, being I'm a Quaker.

The story behind it is interesting. The portrait is on the lid of a box from the Quaker Lace Company. The box contained a lace tablecloth which was given to Erica's Mother-in-law as a wedding gift some 60 or so years ago.

I think the company choose the name because of the Quaker's reputation for their honesty and integrity. I have my doubts the owners were Quaker because they would have known that Quakers didn't wear lace. It would have been considered too fancy. Quakers dressed plainly, not drawing attention to themselves by their clothes.

At the moment the picture is sitting in a chair in my family room, as I haven't yet decided where I'm going to hang it. I'll wait until after the holidays. In the meantime I'm enjoying looking at it from my sofa.

Thank you Erica and Elizabeth for my delightful surprise! 


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