Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thanksgiving vacation project

Over the Thanksgiving break our two daughter's and their families came to spend the week with us.  My son's family lives close by.  On the very rainy Tuesday before Thanksgiving the girls(Kim, Heather, Melissa, Toria 19, Angelica 16, Shelley 13, Faith 6 and I) decided to do a project.  We dyed silk scarves using silk scarf blanks, sharpies, and alcohol(90+% works best).  We marked our designs on the scarves and then sprayed them with the alcohol.  Alcohol makes the ink run. We let them dry and then ironed them to set the dye.  After some of the scarves were done we showed them to TJ one of our 17 yr old grandsons and talked him into doing one for his girlfriend.  Being the least crafty of all our seven grands I was surprised he made one.  He did a beautiful job as did everyone else. TJ used his mothers scarf blank so she didn't get to make one. We have 14 more blanks on order from Bernina Sewing Centre.  We'll do more over Christmas.
Here's a photo of our finished project.


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