Sunday, December 21, 2014

Square in a square

I started blogging again this month after two years absence. My last post two years ago was of a square in a square quilt I was making for my husband and myself. That quilt was on my Longarm to be quilted when I wrote my first blog this month. I had loaded it in July to quilt but ended up having two eye surgeries over the Summer and Fall with some extenuating circumstances. Finally got back to quilting and finished the job last Sunday night. Yesterday evening I sewed on the binding so all that is left to finish is the hand sewing. I'll do that over the holidays. 
The quilting on this quilt isn't what I would like to have done but I had to get it off the frame to get Teej's quilt quilted for Christmas. I just meandered in the borders. I wish I'd had the time to stitch a fern-feather border. I still think it looks pretty and I'll enjoy using the quilt. 


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