Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Granddaughter's special gift for her Dad

This post is about very special presents from a daughter to her Dad. Our son-in-law always uses cloth handkerchiefs. Roger has his undergrad and master's degree from University of Georgia. He also loves cows. Roger would probably like to own a cow, but unfortunately or fortunately as the case may be, it's not allowed in his subdivision. 
So, every year for Christmas, Father's Day and sometimes Easter, I help our granddaughter, Shelley, age fourteen, make him a handkerchief. Shelley and I go to a local quilt shop and hunt for cow or UGA fabric. When we first started making these, we always purchased cow related fabrics. After a few years, as it got harder to find them, we added UGA fabric. I iron the fabric edges double folded and then Shelley sews along them by hand or machine. Usually it's done by hand. Once we did a rolled hem on the serger. We started doing these when she was five or six. Shelley's stitch size has improved considerably over the years. 
Roger loves his handkerchiefs. He's proud to use them in church, a business meeting, or social situation, as well as at home.
The following photo is Shelley working on this year's handkerchief. On her lap are just some of the handkerchiefs she's made for her Dad.


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