Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Toria's Crazy Patch Quilt

In June of 2006 when my DGD was eight we watched and episode of Simply Quilts. The guest that day was Cindy Needham. She was demonstrating making a crazy patch quilt with antique handkerchiefs. After the show Toria asked "Do you have to use handkerchiefs or can you use fabric?" I told her you could use fabric. Her next question "Can I make one?"
We got out my scrap bag, and a scrap of background fabric. I put fusing on the background. Toria picked out the fabrics she liked and laid them out on the background. When she was done arranging them I asked her which piece of fabric didn't belong. She studied her creation a little bit and pointed to the gray that stood out lie a sore thumb. It got exchanged for another fabric then we fused everything down.
Toria sewed on the borders and choose a backing. I layered, quilted and bound it for her. It has hung on the wall of my sewing studio ever since. The other day I sent her a text asking if she'd like to have it for her first apartment she's moving into in January.  Toria texted back a resounding "Yes!!!!!!!"

Here's her finished wall hanging: